When I was a raw fooder, aside from protein and vitamin B12, one of the BIGGEST concerns voiced by many was,

“How do I get vitamin D?

And that’s not a concern reserved only for people who eat vegan or vegetarian diets… although it is MORE of a concern for them.

But it’s important for any and everyone to get proper amounts of vitamin D and this article will provide you with some ideas.

Before we get into those ideas and suggestions, let’s first discuss…

Why Vitamin D is such an important vitamin

vitamin D foods sources list

Vitamin D helps with bone growth as well as maintain bone health through the absorption of calcium and by providing and regulating proper levels of calcium, as well as phosphorous.

It also helps with liver and kidney health and it helps keep the immune system strong.

So, it’s kind of important not to become deficient of this vitamin!

Symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency include: muscle spasms, weakness and aches in the muscles, and bone pain.

Vitamin D Foods Sources List

Sources of vitamin D include:

  • dairy products (try to make sure it’s unpasteurized and from grass-fed cows, or at least organic)
  • eggs (try to get them organic)
  • some seafood & fatty fish (tuna, salmon, oysters, and sardines)
  • vitamin D fortified foods

But what about vitamin D foods sources for vegetarians?

vitamin D for vegetarians include sunshine

Well, unfortunately, there aren’t many plant-based sources of vitamin D.

So, if you are vegetarian or vegan, your best bets for getting adequate amounts, aside from plenty of sunshine, are:

  • fortified food and beverages such as orange juice, cereals and soy products – though I DO NOT recommend soy products (especially processed, fake meat products) unless they are fermented
  • mushrooms
  • supplementation

According to the Harvard School of Public Health, approximately 1 billion people around the world do not get adequate amounts of vitamin D.  Therefore, supplementation is probably a good idea for most people in addition to the above-named vitamin D foods sources list!

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How much vitamin D does this contain?

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