I have a confession to make.

I don’t wear deodorant.

Ugh… nasty, right?


You see, I am NOT one who walks around offending others with my umm… ‘scent’ –  I’m MORE socially responsible  than that.  I don’t want to even offend MYSELF with that! lol

But I just don’t like wearing the stuff, at least not the commercial brands.  Heck, I don’t even wear the natural brands (think Tom of Maine’s or the crystal) quite frankly because they don’t work for me. I’m not sure if it’s the ingredients or simply my body chemistry.

Why I Don’t Wear Deodorant

safe deodorant alternative for people who don't wear deodorantNow the reason I don’t wear deodorant is because, think about it, we have sweat glands for a reason. They’re designed to help our bodies get rid of excess water, salt, toxins, etc.

If you use mainstream deodorants, they don’t just stop odor, but they also stop you from perspiring hence the name, antiperspirant.

To me, it’s just not natural to stop a normal bodily function in that manner.

I don’t even really sweat all that much and I believe that there are internal factors that determine how much or how little one will perspire.  I am a relatively healthy person so unless I’m extremely hot or have done something really strenuous, I don’t do a lot of heavy sweating.

But that’s beside the point.

The point is, no matter how much or how little you sweat, it’s the body’s way of getting rid of something it needs to get rid of.  Much like blowing your nose or hocking up mucous when you’re sick as opposed to keeping it in.

So, when you wear antiperspirant you are stopping the body from ridding itself of toxins and excess.  This can cause issues such as those big, painful bumps that sometimes form under the arms.

Dare I even say that it could be a contributor to breast issues, being that the armpits are so closely connected to the breast area?  But on that, I digress.

Anyway, as I mentioned, I’ve tried the natural brands with no success.  I’ve also tried lemon juice, lime juice and baking soda.  Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t.  But recently I came across a recipe for a homemade deodorant on Facebook and at first, I was reluctant to try it seeing that I had tried so many other things to no avail.

But this stuff WORKS!  

Now there are some rare days (I believe when I’m going through some heavy detoxing) that I might still get a little “ripe” even when using it.  But for the MOST part, it works great!

Best of all, it’s totally safe to use!

So, if you’re interested in trying it out, here’s the recipe:

2 TBS. coconut oil

2 TBS. corn starch

1/2-1 TBS. baking soda (some people are sensitive to baking soda under their arms.  If that’s the case with you, omit it and use an extra TBS of corn starch in it’s place)

5-10 drops of lemon essential oil or lavender essential oil (optional)

Mix all ingredients well and store in an airtight container.

ADDITIONAL NOTES:  You could also add about 5 drops of grapefruit seed extract because it has anti-microbial qualities and could serve as a good, natural preservative… not to mention assist in warding off odor-causing bacteria – but so does coconut oil.

Also, the measurements I used were for a small batch that I put in a 2 oz container.  But you can make more if you want to – just double the amount accordingly – baking soda being in a lesser amount than the corn starch.

What Are Some Other Benefits of This Safe Deodorant Alternative

Well, some of the benefits I’ve noticed are:

  • It doesn’t leave that nasty, sticky film that is common with commercial deodorants
  • It doesn’t leave my armpits white and cakey
  • Because it’s natural, I can apply liberally and rub it in well without worrying about what’s going into my blood stream
  • It’s economical… once you buy all the ingredients one time, you can probably make batches and BATCHES of this stuff for pennies compared to the cost of commercial brands

So there you have it!  Try it and let me know what you think!

Disclaimer: If you have skin sensitivities to any of the ingredients, then please use at your own discretion. 

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