Foods That Curb Appetite Naturally: The 7 Most Common Hunger Busters

The reason I titled this, “Foods That Curb Appetite: The 7 MOST COMMON Hunger Busters ” is because upon doing my research, I discovered that some listed foods that others did not, and vice-versa.

But there were some that were very common among each of them or at least, most of them.

So let’s get right into…

The 7 Most Common Foods That Curb Appetite

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Non-Stimulant Appetite Suppressant Boosts Metabolism Too!

Non-Stimulant Appetite Suppressant

If you find yourself feeling insatiably hungry or you simply want to not feel hungry too soon after you’ve eaten, you could definitely benefit from an appetite suppressant.

Did you know? You have two main hormones that are responsible for your appetite.  Ghrelin: tells your brain you’re hungry, and Leptin: tells your brain you’re full.

But the unfortunate part is that, in many people these signals get crossed and there are many factors that can cause this – stress being a major one.

Also, it’s been found that people who are obese tend to build up a resistance to Leptin – the one that decreases appetite and says, “Hey buddy, you’re FULL, so stop eating!

And while there are many out there to choose from, you want a non-stimulant appetite suppressant that isn’t going to be dangerous or harmful to you any way.

Don’t worry, I understand and got you!

The non-stimulant appetite suppressant that I, personally, use is not a pill and it’s definitely not dangerous because it has very healthy, natural, good-for-you ingredients.

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How to Make Boxed Pancake Mix Healthier With 2 Simple Additions

How To Make Boxed Pancake Mix Healthier


Don’t tell my kids, ESPECIALLY my 14-year old son, but I’ve been doing something really sneaky with their pancakes in order to make them healthier.

And the best part is… I did it using only TWO additional ingredients!

The first additional ingredient is…

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Valentus Slim Roast Coffee: How to Use It For Best Results

If you’ve recently purchased Valentus Slim Roast Coffee (the Brazilian formulation), you may have questions as to how to properly prepare and use it so that you get the BEST results possible.

Now, there are the “corporate standard” instructions, and then there are various tips that have been shared by individuals who have used it and gotten results from it.

Today, I will share a bit of both with you…

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