Well, it’s been an “interesting” week!  Here in WA state we had a little snow storm.  First we were pretty much snowed in (schools and some businesses closed due to snow and icy roads); then our cable/internet went down; then a power outage that left over 200,000 people without power for anywhere from 2-5 days if not more.

So, needless to say, I didn’t have a chance to post this update last week.  But it’s here now!

Since my last check-in I’ve lost another 3 inches for a grand total of 9.5 inches lost thus far – this is off of my entire body, not just one area specifically.  The great part is, the inches were lost from the areas that (to me) count the most – waist (1″) hips/butt (1/2″) and thighs (1 1/2″)

I am currently 142.5 and apparently I am losing weight at a rate of 1 lb. per week.  And while that may or may not seem like a lot, there are  a lot of credible, reputable sources that say is actually healthiest and best.  In fact, if you “Google” the phrase, “1-2 pounds per week healthy weight loss” you’ll see just what I mean.

Anyway, I thought you’d like to see some before & afters that I took.  I was a bit embarrassed to post the “before” pics…but if it will help and inspire someone – especially those out there who are like me (“skinny fat” trying to lose that last 10-20 lbs, which is typically the hardest to lose) then so be it…I will post them.

(click each image to enlarge…then, click again to enlarge even more)

As you can see, I am slimming down in the waist, back and my daughter mentioned my arms although I didn’t see “much” difference except perhaps a little bit more muscle definition in the “back view after” pic.

I am just so thankful for a program such as 7 Minute Workout that has been helping me to get fit and toned and doesn’t require me to work out for a long period of time or to have to bear a lot of pain and angst in order to get a good workout!  If it weren’t for this program, I’m telling you the truth…I probably would NOT be working out at all because I hated working out and the feelings that come with it!

So, “THANK YOU” Joel and Chris for putting something like this together for someone like me!

And of course, I am also grateful for the Pure Trim Weight Loss System that is teaching me to have better eating habits, helping me to shed lbs and inches, causing me to become more “regular” & cleansing/detoxifying my body and helping me to become healthier with wholesome, natural ingredients.

I KNOW I have found the perfect combination for safe, healthy, long-term weight loss and overall health, period!  More updates to come as I progress along…

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