The “Secret” To Getting Lean…Revealed!

Well…not really.  You see, some would have you to believe that becoming healthy and fit and getting the body you desire is some kind of magical secret.  But it’s not…getting lean is merely a matter of having the right components in place – a “system”, if you will,  and following that system consistently as a LIFESTYLE change as opposed to a “diet” in order to get long-term results!

Now please DO NOT confuse ‘simple‘ with ‘easy’.  It’s probably not going to be all that easy simply because it’s going to take work, commitment & dedication on your part and unfortunately, most people are not ready to make the MENTAL change(s) needed to reach their goals.  But while it may not be easy…it also isn’t complicated.

I’ve been able to help quite a few people get results and if you simply follow the system that I have outlined for you below and be consistent,  you WILL have success!  And I’m here to guide you if you let me!

1.  Step One: Realize that YOU ARE WORTH IT and that YOU DESERVE to be healthier & happier!

Immediately after reading this sentence, I want you to get up from the computer, go look in the mirror and say the following out loud: “I am WORTH it and I DESERVE to look & feel the very BEST that I can!  I DESERVE to be happy & healthy!”

Go on…go do it now!

Then, you need to sit down and WRITE-OUT your goals, whether they’re to fit into your clothes and not have to go shopping for a larger size or… to have more energy to play with your children or…to prevent certain illness that your mom, grandmother and great-grandmother suffered from or…to feel better from whatever may be ailing you now.  Whatever your reason…your “why” is…WRITE IT DOWN!

Then, MAKE THE COMMITMENT to doing what it takes and sticking with it until you reach your goals and BELIEVE that you can and will reach them!

2.  Step Two: Get your body MOVING!

If you’re like most people, you are not too keen on the idea of exercise – all of that sweating, huffing & puffing, pain &burn and the time you have to put into it.  But it is extremely important that you get moving in some form or fashion.

You’ve heard it before – take the stairs as opposed to the elevator/escalator, parking further from the entrance of work, school or the store, stuff like that.

Also, walking is GREAT exercise and it doesn’t take any fancy equipment or anything.  If you don’t want to walk outdoors because of the rain, etc. then do early-riser mall walks!

3.  Step Three: Re-Train Your Body To Crave Healthier Foods

Your approach to weight loss should NEVER be about dieting!  It should ALWAYS be about making  long term dietary changes that will last a lifetime.  What this means is that you have to be committed to making strides towards doing things differently than you are now.

I mean let’s be real here, if what you are currently doing (or not doing) and what and how you’re currently eating was working, you wouldn’t be searching for  information on getting lean, right?

So it is imperative that you begin making dietary changes such as incorporating more fresh fruits and vegetables, eating less refined, processed foods, cutting back on or eliminating refined sugar and harmful artificial sweeteners, etc.   But for many, that’s not always an easy thing to do this when so many of the foods you’re eating are more than likely addicting.  It’s like trying to give up cigarettes or drugs cold turkey.  But there are ways to ease into it and actually re-train your body to begin craving healthier foods as opposed to unhealthy foods.

I mean, wouldn’t it be great to actually WANT to eat healthier foods and to look up one day and say, “Hmm…a salad sounds good right about now!”, when faced with a choice between that salad and something less optimal?  Just imagine what it’d be like to look at some of the health-compromising foods you eat now and find yourself to be totally turned off by it or…  simply good with not eating it.

Well it’s possible!

I have worked with many people who no longer crave junk foods and are eating healthier and healthier using a simple 4-part system and if they can do it, YOU can do it!

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To Your Health & Well-Being

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