How To Eat Healthier When Youre Picky

Being a picky eater can be a challenge when you’re trying to eat healthy.

At one time, I was a raw fooder (I ate primarily uncooked plant-based foods) and while I DID grow to like things I didn’t like before, I still had a very limited diet due to being a picky eater.

Some of the things I hate eating are mushrooms, cilantro, Thai coconut, zucchini (unless it’s zucchini bread) and most squashes.


This made for a very difficult raw food lifestyle because those are some of the foods that a lot of folks in the raw community ate with great pleasure.

Now, I’m no longer a raw fooder.

I eat cooked food, I eat meat (although I’m trying to cut back), I consume dairy products (though I’m considering weaning off of [most] of them once again) but I still want to eat healthy – this time from more of a clean eating approach.

I’m close, but still have some improvements to make.

And I’m guessing that YOU’RE in a similar boat, am I right?

So, how do you eat healthy when you’re picky?

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For starters, define what “picky” is to YOU.

I was doing some research and found that people search for, “recipes for picky eaters“, and I’m like…

“HOW could anyone write a recipe book for picky eaters?  I mean, if you’re picky, who would know what the heck you like and dislike, in order to create recipes for you?” lol

It just didn’t really make sense to me.  Anyway…

Identify What Foods You Like

Make a list.

Now, from that list, pick out the healthy items and write those into a separate category.

Really think about this now.  Don’t limit your healthy choices to just fruits and veggies.

Think about other foods such as:

chicken, fish, turkey
beans & legumes
nuts or nut butters

Stuff like that.

Once you have your complete list of healthy foods you like, decide if they are truly healthy.

What I mean is, if you like to eat oatmeal; do you buy plain old fashioned oats or the instant kind in the little packets that come in flavors?

If it’s the latter, then try finding ways to make it healthier such as buying the old fashioned kind and putting your own sweetener (preferably something like raw honey, real maple syrup, or even unrefined evaporated cane juice [sugar] as opposed to white sugar), and other healthy add-ins like apples, cinnamon, (real) butter, etc.

Identify What Healthy Foods You Dislike

Now I want you to look over the foods you don’t like and think about WHY you don’t like them.

The reason for doing this is to see if there is something that can be done differently that would cause you to like them.

For example: I used to NOT like broccoli.

I tried it boiled, I tried it raw, and neither appealed to me.

Boiled was too mushy, and raw was too tough and hard to digest; and I just didn’t like the flavor of it, even with ranch dressing.

However, later down the road I tried it again; this time sautéed in butter with sea salt, garlic, a little soy sauce, and ginger.  Also, it wasn’t cooked as long so it wasn’t too soft and still had a nice “bite” to it.


I also tried it roasted on a baking sheet in the oven, with similar seasonings, and I LOVED that as well.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of first impressions, based on how it was prepared; so try the foods again, prepared differently.

Another thing you can do, if doable, is to try something you don’t like IN something you do like.

For example: I find that bell peppers in an omelet, on a pizza, or in chili are much more appealing to me than eating them alone, as a side dish, or stuffed.

You may find yourself the feeling the same with one or more of the foods YOU don’t like if you try it mixed in with something you like.

Try Something New… Don’t Be Scared

I know, I know… it can be kinda scary venturing out and trying new food items ESPECIALLY if you have preconceived notions about it.

We had our family camping trip one year and my brother-in-law and his girlfriend brought oysters that she roasted over fire.  I was reluctant as HECK to try them (SLIMY oysters??) but I did and guess what?

They weren’t slimy!  Not the way she prepared them.  They were actually pretty good.

I haven’t added them to my not-so-vast list of foods I regularly eat, but I can say I tried them and “sorta, kinda” liked them.

So, be willing to at least give (healthy) foods you “think” you don’t like a try… you just never know!

Cover Your Butt

If you are super-duper picky (like I am) then you may want to consider a good multi-vitamin supplement to fill in any gaps that may be in your diet and nutrition, due to your limited choices of healthy foods.

That was one of the main issues I ran into when my family and I were raw fooders.

Everyone said, “Oh you don’t need supplementation, you can get it from the fresh, raw foods you’re eating.

HA!  Some nutritional deficiencies were noticed due to not eating a W-I-D-E enough variety of foods – because of being picky.

So make sure you’re taking something that is easily absorbed into the body (not “bed pan pills” that just end up going right through ya) and that have enough of what your body needs, especially if you’re not eating enough vegetables!

Here is the one I use: My personal pick for dietary supplement

The End… Bye!

Hopefully these tips on how to eat healthier when you’re picky have been helpful to you.  If so, please share it with others who can also benefit from the information, thanks!

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