When wondering how to lose weight from your waist, if you’re like most people, you probably tend to approach it from all different directions: diet, pills, exercise, etc.

Yet, there is one major facet that many seem to overlook but it is actually a very KEY component in this whole process and that is…

Getting rid of waste in the body!

There is much controversy around this topic because most medical doctors do NOT stress the importance of proper digestive health and in fact, some actually discredit it.

But it’s a very real topic that more people need to talk about and more than talk, actually DO something about even if NOT trying to figure out how to lose weight from your waist per se.

Now in terms of actually trying to discover how to lose weight from your waist, keep this in mind:

The colon, like the stomach, can and does stretch when it is filled beyond it’s normal capacity. And think about this…

If you eat 2-3 (or more) meals per day and you’re only going to the bathroom once or twice a week (or less) and even at THAT…having a hard time doing so or it’s not a “significant” amount when you do go…where oh where is all that food going?

It’s accumulated in your colon and preventing your body from absorbing nutrients properly. Not only that, but it’s actually ADDING to your weight.  Believe it or not…

You could be carrying anywhere from 7-10 lbs. of fecal matter in your colon!

(a condition called megacolon)

how to lose weight from your waist by getting rid of the waste in your colon

I’ve heard stories of certain (deceased) celebrities who, after having autopsies performed on them, were found to have pounds and pounds of fecal matter in their colons.

Now I won’t name the names nor will I say these statements are true or false – I’ve heard both. But I WILL say this…


For years, I’ve had some long-standing digestive issues.  So I began using some colon cleanse herbal supplements to help rectify some of those issues.

One morning when I started to feel the supplement working, I decided that I wanted to test something out.  So I got on the scale and weighed myself BEFORE visiting the facilities.

Then, after the supplements “did their job”, I immediately got BACK onto the scale and low and behold…

I was 1.5 lbs lighter!  “WHAAT?? I actually LOST a pound and a half  just from…that??”

I also noticed that my stomach had gone down considerably from the bloated state it was in prior.  So that let me know right then that getting rid of waste was definitely something to do in order to lose weight from your waist!

Am I embarrassed or ashamed to talk about that?


Once again, NOT talking or doing anything about this topic is why so many people’s digestive systems are being compromised and leading to poor health all around!!

And sometimes you can even visually see it on people.  Think about it – not-so-large upper torso; large, spare-tire’ish mid-section; then smaller at the bottom and legs.

In most (not all) cases, that is a clear indication of a “swollen colon”!

Sure a great deal of it is excess fat, but some of it also involves an impacted colon.

So internal colon cleansing via high fiber intake, water intake, the aid of natural, gentle, colon-cleansing herbs (NO laxatives!!) is a key part of successfully losing weight from your waist and over-all health and well-being!

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