iaso oilIs Iaso Oil Good For Dark Spots?

I definitely can’t speak for anyone else, but here’s MY story…

Skin has always been a touchy subject for me.

Ever since middle school (right around the time puberty hit) I have struggled with bad acne, but even MORE so, with those ugly dark marks and scarring that the pimples left behind – usually from me picking them.  Funny… although some cruel kids called me leopard, that didn’t stop me from making matters worse by continuing to pick.  smh.

Yeah, yeah I know… “You’re not supposed to pick them!”

Sadly, it’s one of those things that became a bad habit after all those years of doing it.  It sometimes happens subconsciously and it oftentimes happens CONSCIOUSLY!  I try to keep my hands out of my face, I really do.  But I’m not always successful with that – working on it, though!

Anyway, I’m now well into my 40’s and while my skin issues aren’t NEARLY as bad as when I was a teenager, I still get bouts with adult acne.

This was the last straw!

Recently, I had a NASTY breakout in the usual areas that my skin reacts nowadays… on my lower cheeks and jawline.

I felt SO self-conscious about it and didn’t want to take pictures or anything.  I didn’t even want my husband to look at me.  He’s so sweet… he acts as if they’re not even there.  But *I* know they’re there and I don’t like it!  UGH!

Sure, I could apply make-up, which I did; but in reality, I HATE wearing the stuff!  All that gook on my face was probably CONTRIBUTING to the problem!

Besides, I prefer to be natural as much as possible, with the exception of a little eye make up.  Definitely EYE BROWS as my mom ‘blessed’ me with very sparse eyebrows.  So give me an eyebrow pencil, a little bit of eye shadow and some lip gloss and I’m good to go!

Alright, back to my break out issues…

I had been reading about how Iaso Oil helps with skin issues such as rashes, eczema, psoriasis and a whole HOST of other things… including acne and acne scars aka dark spots.

What did I have to lose by trying it?  And so I did!

What was the result?

I started using the oil (in addition to drinking the tea) twice a day, along with cleansing my skin of course; and, well, you take a look at these progression photos and you tell ME!

cherie iaso oil face pics may-june 2015

Now, about 2 weeks into it, I believe, my dumb butt sat there and ended up picking AGAIN and set my results back!  I was SO mad at myself!  You can probably tell on the (top) June 8th pic.  That little bugger on my face was giving me the FLUCKS!  But I told myself that I HAVE to show that this stuff works.  So I forced myself and made a SUPER-conscious effort to not pick my face anymore.  It was tempting at times, but I did it! YAY me!

But as you can see, in the course of a month (give or take), the Iaso Oil has definitely lightened up my dark spots.  Under the right conditions, our bodies heal themselves and our skin regenerates and new skin cells are formed while the old ones are sloughed away.  But ONLY with the right conditions!

Iaso Oil, Iaso Tea and even the Iaso Nutraburst helps bring your body (and skin) into balance so it can do what it was naturally meant to do!

It also helped to make my complexion look better, IMO.  To me, it just looks clearer, with a healthy glow instead of all dull and jacked up.

The Iaso Oil didn’t act alone, though!

oil and tea combo

I also attribute it to drinking the Iaso Tea as well.  Because it cleanses and detoxes the body, organs, colon, etc; I firmly believe the tea also played a role!


So if you’ve been considering buying Iaso Oil for dark spots, I recommend trying it for yourself WITH the tea as well because skin issues are nothing more than a reflection of what’s going on internally – typically a toxic system.


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