One of the biggest challenges people face with juicing that causes them to pack up their juicer, put it away in the cabinet and never pull it out again is the clean up.

At least I know that was one of the things that did it for me!  I HATED the clean-up after juicing.  But since my husband and I have started regularly juicing again, I’ve been making things a lot easier for myself when it comes time to clean the juicer.  So here are my…

Juicing Clean Up Tips to Make Juicing Easier

Tip 1.  Insert an empty produce bag into the pulp collection bin.  We’re always talking about recycling and conservation, right? Well here is a great way to reuse those empty produce bags from buying all of your fruits and veggies!  You can also use the plastic grocery store bags too.  This makes for one less part to clean!

juicing clean up tips 1

juicing clean up tips 3

Tip 2.  Wash the parts IMMEDIATELY after juicing.  One of the biggest problems I faced before was that I’d leave the juicer parts for later.  But when later came, the pulp and residue had dried up onto the screen and other parts making clean up a major headache!  But when you wash the parts as soon as you’re done, everything practically rinses away – with the exception of the screen which will need to be scrubbed with a scrub brush and a little dish soap.

Now, if you simply don’t have time to clean the parts right away, as in, you’re in a mad dash out the door, then simply…

Tip 3. Soak the parts in hot, soapy water until you can get to them.  This way, all of the debris on the parts remains soft and doesn’t dry up and stick.  I still find it easier to clean the parts right afterwards, but soaking is a lot easier than trying to clean parts that have stuff dried up onto it.

juicing clean up tips 4

So hopefully these juicing clean up tips will help make your juicing experience much better and easier so that you won’t be discouraged to keep juicing for better health and nutrition! 🙂

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