liquid vitamin supplements“So are liquid vitamin supplements better than pills?

Well, here’s the thing…if you’re taking vitamins in pill form, ESPECIALLY those huge “horse-pill” tablets, then you’re  potentially flushing them AND your hard-earned money right down the toilet…LITERALLY!

It’s true!  Chances are good…VERY good… that those pills are not even being completely dissolved in your body!


Well for starters:

  • “…they could potentially go through your body without releasing all the nutrients”, says Consumer Lab president, Dr. Tod Cooperman.
  • “If the pill is compacted too tightly, or the pill coating is too thick, it will pass through your system without dissolving.” – From “Vitamins: How to Shop Wisely,” Los Angeles Times (June 24, 2002)

Unfortunately, most vitamin companies save money by using cheap ingredients and questionable methods of making their products that utilize fillers, binders and hard chemical coatings that typically inhibit pill absorption.

The bottom line is that pills MUST dissolve in the digestive tract BEFORE absorption can take place.  If they don’t, they become “bedpan pills” – pills that are still intact in feces when you go to the bathroom.

So What’s the Solution?

Well, in order for the body to properly absorb nutrients from a supplement, there are two major criteria it needs to meet:

1. A liquid form of delivery-the logical alternative to hard, indigestible pills.

2. Plant-sourced ingredients-rather than from rocks or chemicals

So the answer is undoubtedly…


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Yeah, I know you’re probably saying, “Gee Cherie, can you say that any louder?”

But for real…I used to take pill vitamins and wonder WHY in the world didn’t they work for me?  Where were the increased energy levels and other benefits I was promised?  But once I began taking liquid vitamin supplements as opposed to horse pill vitamins, I noticed a difference almost immediately!

SIDE NOTE:  If you’re a little leary about taking liquid vitamins because of how you think they may taste, read my article entitled, Liquid Vitamins And Minerals: The Picky People’s Guide To Taking Them and believe you me, you won’t have ANY problems taking it using the suggestions I give!

Now I know there are a lot of various brands out there and, of course I have a recommendation -naturally, right?  :/  But in all fairness, tell me…

Have you ever tried a brand of liquid vitamin supplements that have all of THIS to offer?

  • Can help reduce stress*
  • Safe for diabetics with less than 1 gram of sugar
  • Improves joint function and has a Vitamin D blend to help with bone, liver & kidney health
  •  Won’t end up ‘in the toilet’ because it’s 100% dissolved in less than 60 seconds
  • Mixes well in juice, smoothies, meal replacement shakes or can be taken alone
  • Reduces the amount of pills you have to take with 243 vitamins, minerals, organic fruits, organic vegetables, antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, Mediterranean herbs, pure phytoplankton, and other important accessory nutrients in only ONE ounce-a-day
  • Provides natural energy with NO caffeine or other harmful stimulants
  • Helps protect your body from free-radicals (cancer-causing agents) due to it’s high ORAC antioxidant value

Now I don’t know about you, but I have NEVER come across a more complete vitamin (pill or liquid) that does ALL that and more!  So if you can fathom how a liquid vitamin supplement that powerful could benefit you and you’re ready to stop throwing your hard-earned money away…

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