yucky liquid vitamins and mineralsI’m not even gonna lie to you…

I HATE taking liquid vitamins and minerals without it being in something, I don’t care HOW “great-tasting” it is!

Now don’t get me wrong because a few that I’ve tried, as advertised, usually DO have a great natural orange flavor (more like orange-pineapple in my opinion)  however; they are STILL liquid VITAMINS and MINERALS and therefore, you will taste the underlying flavor of…vitamins!

When taken you will experience the fullness of its flavor when it enters your mouth; unlike pills that are coated and simply swallowed down without much of the flavor coming through – unless you allow it to just sit in your mouth. Therefore, it may prove to be a not-so-pleasant experience for the finicky when taking liquid vitamins and minerals.

Now while many can just take down their liquid vitamins and minerals (my husband is a prime example of this), others (such as myself) cannot tolerate drinking liquid vitamins and minerals straight up…perhaps it is an acquired taste. But the bottom line is that there is no use having such a great product in your refrigerator or cupboard if you can’t or won’t take it!

So, I’ve put together a few tips on taking liquid vitamins and minerals that will make it more palatable and therefore, easier to consume:

Mix Daily Complete Liquid Vitamin in orange juice!1. Get Those Liquid Vitamins And Minerals Down By Making It Juicy! Mixing liquid vitamins and minerals supplement with orange juice (orange-pineapple juice even BETTER) is by far my favorite method! I kind of have it down to a “science” and I’ll tell you, the way that I mix it you can barely detect that anything has been added to your juice!

Here is my “recipe” for taking liquid vitamins and minerals in juice:

– 1 ounce (or whatever the recommended serving is) of liquid vitamins and minerals

– 1 ounce of water

– 6-8 oz of orange (or orange-pineapple) juice

Stir it up with a spoon or straw and enjoy this glass of power-punch juice!

Even my VERY picky children drink it this way and claim, “It just tastes like orange juice

2. Make Your Liquid Vitamins And Minerals Go Down Smoothly In A Smoothie! This is another way I’ve been able to get my daily dose of liquid vitamins and minerals in when there was no orange juice. Just whip up your favorite fruit smoothie and stir the supplement into the smoothie. Be sure to mix well as sometimes it may want to just sit on top of the smoothie…but stir (or blend) it in there well and you’ll hardly be able to tell!

Mix Daily Complete Liquid Vitamin into AwarenessLife Pure Trim Shakes - blend blueberries in for a real treat!3. Really Want A Way To Deliciously Take Your Liquid Vitamins And Minerals?  Shake It Up! When I heard someone say that I could mix liquid vitamins in with my favorite protein meal replacement shake, I thought to myself, “Yeah RIGHT! That would taste awful!” But one day I got brave enough to try it and low and behold, it was great! Couldn’t even tell the vitamin had been mixed in there. Aside from OJ…this is my next favorite way to take my liquid vitamins and minerals!


Another IMPORTANT tip for taking your liquid vitamins and minerals…

Be SURE that you take it with food – this is very important…TRUST me, as I learned this the hard way!

The ones I take have SO many wonderful benefits due to it’s 243 vitamins, minerals, enzymes, greens blend, phytoplankton and more, that I’ve come to realize that however it needs to be taken… I needed to  just TAKE IT!

Same goes for YOU too!

If you know that you need the supplementation and you realize that liquid vitamins and minerals are way better than pills…then you need to get it in however you have to get it in and the tips I gave you are sure to help!

Cherie King - Your Wellness Advocate

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