losing weight isn't always about being skinny

So, did you know that losing weight isn’t necessarily about being what we call “skinny”?


I have contemplated this article for some time now and decided that I definitely wanted… dare I say even NEEDED to write it.

I’m sure that you’ve probably noticed that every time you turn around, every time you look up, there is something in your face about “losing weight” this and “weight loss” that, right?  And you might even be tired of seeing it, especially if you, yourself, happen to be overweight…right?  I know.

But one thing that I’VE noticed is this… attitude that seems to be going around.

It’s like there’s some kind of “battle” between those who are overweight and those who are not.  If it’s not someone smaller making fun of an overweight person, it’s an overweight person saying things like “skinny bitches” or “men don’t like bones, only dogs do” and things of that nature.

Now, I realize that not everyone is going to be nor meant to be “skinny” per say, however…

“There IS a thin line between having a large frame and being outright & unhealthily overweight due to excess body fat.”

What I want YOU to realize and understand is that losing weight is not (or shouldn’t be) JUST about getting “skinny” because, again, not everyone is designed to be “skinny” in the sense of the word that most of us associate it with.

The Main Goal is and Should Be To Eliminate Any EXCESS Fat And Weight Your Body is Holding Onto!

There is something called your BMI – Body Mass Index – and basically it tells you what is an approximately healthy weight for you to be at for your height and sometimes age.

And what I’ve found is that, a person can be within the healthy range and not be “skinny” AND…that there IS a such thing as being underweight!

So Why Should You Be Concerned With Being in a Healthy BMI Range?

Because when you have an excess amount of body fat on your body and end up obese (20% or more over your ideal weight)  you are more prone to certain illnesses (diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea, gall bladder disorders, joint pain/problems, gout and more) as well as placing strain on your organs, legs and feet.  This is especially the case when you have excess fat in the midsection region.

And for the record…

This is NOT to say that people who aren’t overweight can’t, won’t or don’t end up with health challenges and there IS a such thing as being UNDER-weight BUT… just as certain races of people are more at risk for some things due to factors such as heredity, commonalities in diet and lifestyle; in most instances obesity can increase one’s chances of acquiring certain health challenges.

And guess what else?  It doesn’t take a whole lot to be considered in the overweight-to-obese range!  I learned this with my OWN weight!  People look at me and my somewhat small frame and say, “Oh you’re tinyYou don’t need to lose weight!”  But according to my height (5’4″), if I go over 145 lbs. I am considered overweight – not obese, but overweight nonetheless!

Don’t Think of Losing Weight in Terms of What You CAN’T Have, Eat Or Do…

But rather, think of this in terms of all the things you WILL be able to have and do:

* Control over your own health

* Potentially getting off of harmful meds

* Lowering your risks of certain illnesses and diseases

* Being able to do some of things you may feel somewhat limited to do now

I don’t want you to get caught up into this whole “fat vs. skinny” debate and mindset.

Yes I know that you may be having ill-feelings towards people who aren’t overweight because of how they sometimes act in terms of teasing, ridiculing, ostracizing, belittling, etc.  But PLEASE don’t allow that to cause you to accept and glamorize being in a position that could possibly pose so many health risks and dangers for you!

Make the decision to get rid of any EXCESS FAT (keyword “excess”) if for nothing else, for the sake of your health and overall well-being!

And hey, if you need help losing weight and you’re not sure where or howto start, or if you’ve tried and tried with no success and you’re frustrated… click here and allow me to give you some hope!

Cherie King - Your Wellness Advocate

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