meal replacement shakes have many benefitsSo You Think You Know The Benefits Of Meal Replacement Shakes, Huh?

When you think of high-protein meal replacement shakes, do you (like most people) think they are designed ONLY for those seeking to lose weight?

If so, you’re about to discover that meal replacement shakes are good for a lot more than just being part of a weight loss regimen!

Now it is important to remember and keep in mind that what you’re about to read does NOT apply to each and every meal replacement shake on the market.  They are NOT all created equally – more on that in a bit, but first…

Some Other Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes:

1. Meal replacement shakes are great for people who tend to skip meals

How many times have you skipped breakfast or other meals?  A lot of people think that skipping meals is the way to go when it comes to losing weight, but some claim  that it’s actually one of the worst things you can do and that it will then go into “starvation mode” and start to hold onto fat.

So if you feel badly for skipping meals but you’re simply having one of “those” days when you don’t feel like cooking or stopping to grab something – have a meal replacement shake on hand to drink!

2. Meal replacement shakes come in handy when you’re on-the-go and need a quick, healthy meal

Like the previous benefit, sometimes we get busy doing what we’re doing and just don’t want to (or can’t) stop to even get something to eat.  A meal replacement shake can be a great option (and MUCH healthier than fast-food) when you’re on the go.

3. Meal replacement shakes help to build muscle

Again, many people turn the other way when it comes to meal replacement shakes because they feel they’re just for losing weight; but they are also great for those who simply want to build muscle.  Your body needs protein to build muscle tissue but oftentimes we add on a lot of calories in the process of consuming various foods.

Shakes can give your body a good dose of protein but with a much lower amount of calories.  This is one of the reasons protein  meal replacement shakes aid in weight loss, but at the same time, can benefit those who do not – so drink up fitness buffs!

4. Meal replacement shakes are great for anytime you need a liquid diet due to dental issues, surgery, etc.

I have met people who had to eat a diet of  soft foods or only consume liquids for a variety of reasons from oral surgery to health problems and more.

Aside from juices, soups and smoothies, what better to consume than a good quality, nutritious shake that is actually a REAL meal?

5. Meal replacement shakes are great for people who don’t eat properly 

I’m sure you’ve seen those commercials with the mom trying to get her son to eat a more balanced diet, but he has “gaps” in his diet so she gives him a popular “health” beverage that is supposed to fill in those gaps…to basically, ensure that he’s getting the nutrition he’s missing from his not-so-balanced diet.

And there is a product for adults as well that this one for kids is based on.  Well, a GOOD meal replacement shake can actually be a better solution to those bottled/canned drinks.

And best of all, protein meal replacement shakes can be SUPER-DELICIOUS with just a few creative ideas and recipes, which you’ll get when you order your shakes from my personal source!

6. Meal replacement shakes can help you GAIN weight

Not everyone is looking to LOSE weight.  Some people want to actually put weight on.  So, how can a meal replacement shake that is used to lose weight, help you to gain?  Easy…

Use shakes to SUPPLEMENT rather than replace meals!

Most times when someone uses meal replacements to lose weight, they replace two of their meals with the shakes.  But if you want to gain, eat your regular meals and add meal replacement shakes between meals!

The added protein, carbs and fat in the shakes can help you add on weight when drank in addition to your other daily meals.

BUT…before you start doing a happy dance with your current meal replacement shake…

…as I said earlier on, you must realize that not all meal replacement shakes are created equally!

There are lots to choose from, some good and a lot not-so-good; so be sure to check out the ingredients and find one that you like that will BENEFIT your body, not harm it!

The one I use and recommend is actually a dairy-free, whey-free, soy-free meal replacement shake that is chock-full of wholesome ingredients and is actually a real meal!

Well, hopefully this has helped you to realize that there is much more to meal replacement shakes than what you may have thought and that they’re definitely NOT just for weight loss!


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