Mikel Ruffenelli’s hips ‘shole’ DON’T lie!

Today, I was on my Facebook page reading today’s happenings and I came across a photo of a woman with EXTRE-EEMLY large hips! So large, in fact, that they measure at an amazing 8 feet in circumference!

I was intrigued enough to click on the link to see her video interview. Quite interesting to say the least… have a look for yourself:

Re-post from the Black Women Do Workout Facebook Fan Page…

“According to the World Record Academy Mikel Ruffinelli, a 39 year old 420-pound woman with an eight-foot circumference, has set the new world record for World’s Largest Hips. The five foot-four mother of four and wife of 10 years says she sees no reason to diet since as to date, she has no health problems. She eats about 3000 calories every day, struggles with fitting through door entrances, sleeps in a 7-foot wide bed and says that her large hips are due to having babies and genetics.”

Okay, so after watching the video I came to the conclusion that Mikel appears to be a very nice, sweet person; as well as her husband and children. She seems to be a loving mom and wife with a family that adores here. She is very pretty and stylish, carries herself nicely and seems to be very comfortable in her own skin.

Now here is where I have concerns…

I can understand and appreciate loving ones self and being comfortable with who you are, but something that was said in the video triggered off few concerns in me:

1. Her daughter (who appears to be an overweight child) said that she doesn’t mind following in her mom’s footsteps, but she also sees her struggle and that it makes her sad when she sees her mom in pain from standing for too long because of the excess weight she is carrying.

Personally, I’d want to lose at least SOME of that just to not be in pain, even if not for the sake of vanity or being “skinny”! But that’s just me. *shrug*

2. According to the BWDW statement above, she said that she sees no reason to lose weight because she doesn’t have any health issues.

Why wait until you GET sick to do something about your weight knowing full well that just because you don’t have any health challenges now, being obese puts you at a GREATER risk for them and that it most definitely “could” happen with age?

So to me, it kind of sounded like an excuse so as to not have to concern herself with making dietary changes although she believes that her massive hips are the result of bearing children and genetics ONLY and that it has nothing to do with diet.

Mmm-kay… yeah. Perhaps to an extent it’s due to giving birth and family history – if anything what she GOT from “mama” was the fact that she carries the bulk of her weight IN her hips! But you can’t blame ALL of that on genes and babies! *smh* :-/ Not to mention the fact that she’s eating 3000 calories per day!! That’s DOUBLE the amount that she should be eating!

And at 5’4″ weighing 420 lbs, she is clearly in the obese category which puts her at risk for heart problems, joint problems in her legs and problems with her feet.

I, too, am 5’4″ and just from my own research about my own health and weight, I know that anything over 145 is consider overweight… anything over 150 is considered obese!

Mikel weighs 420 lbs at 5’4… that’s like three of me! Again, all of that weight CAN’T be good for her legs, feet, joints, bones, etc.

She also obviously has a great deal of fat in her mid-section in addition to her hips, thighs and buttocks area and I can almost guarantee that she is also dealing with visceral fatfat that is located inside the abdominal cavity, packed between the organs (stomach, liver, intestines, kidneys, etc.) that more than likely will begin to affect her organs, if it hasn’t started to already.

Another thing I took issue with was when she ended the interview with,

I’d rather be this size and happy than skinny and unhappy.

Hmm… okay, so “skinny” people are unhappy… got it!

That statement kind of reminds me of when people who are broke make statements like, “Well, I’d rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable!” *smh* Since when does having money make one miserable?

It’s ALL relative… you can be happy or miserable in either circumstance based on what’s inside of YOU and your perceptions, mindset, etc.

Again… another excuse IMO.

But anyway, one thing I can say is that all of that aside, Mikel seems to be active and gets around nicely and it’s great that she exercises and goes for walks, dances with her girls, etc.

And if for no other reason than to be here for a long while with her girls and their children, I hope she’ll reconsider making more of an attempt to shed at least SOME of that.

I mean, even actress Monique – who kicked and fought against being smaller and called skinny girls “skinny bitches” – realized (with the help of her man) that this was about more than being skinny (which she doesn’t have to be) but it was about her health!

So hopefully one day Mikel will come to this realization too and know that she doesn’t have to be “skinny” to not be obese, nor does she have to be obese in order to have the feminine curves she loves!

Now I don’t know if YOU, yourself, are interested in getting your weight and health under control or…

If you’ve sort of taken on the attitude that Mikel has.

But if you WOULD like to shed some excess pounds & inches all the while GAIN health, vibrancy and more energy…

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