This rich, creamy chocolate pudding is unbelievable!  Not just because it tastes so yummy, but you won’t believe what it’s made with!  And no, it’s not tofu…this creamy delight is not only dairy-free, but also soy-free.  Enjoy!


1 small, ripe (but not overripe) avocado or half of a large one
2 TBS. raw cacao (or cocoa) powder
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 c. agave nectar (or you can use evaporated cane juice which is sugar that has not been bleached nor refined)
1-2 dashes of sea salt (optional)
1/4 c. cashews (optional, but makes it even creamier and more “dairy-like”)
6-8oz. of water – added gradually

Add all ingredients (except for the water) inside a high-powered blender.   Add about 2-4 oz. of the water and begin blending.  Blend for a few seconds and if mixture stops blending properly, add a little more and just gradually increase the amount of water until the mixture is blending without getting stuck.  Blend until well-blended and a creamy, pudding consistency.

Remove from blender using a rubber spatula (or spoon if you don’t have a spatula) and put into a sealable container.  Chill in the refrigerator for at least one hour before serving – if you can help not eating it up, that is!

Bonus tip:  To give my pudding a bit more of a health boost and added fiber, I add about 1 tsp. of Konsyl Fiber and blend that in.  Not only does this type of fiber act as a thickener, but again, it adds a healthy fiber boost to an already healthy dish!  You may need to blend a bit longer.

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