If you’re like most people, you’re definitely looking for post Thanksgiving weight loss!


Yep, now that Thanksgiving is officially over, you’re probably feeling like that plumped up, stuffed bird you ate not-too-long, aren’t you?

But to top it off, if you were one of the ones who actually cooked, you now have to have all that leftover food staring at you… calling to you from the fridge!

So what to do to, what to do?

What’s the best way to “recover” from the binging and indulging?  Have no fear, you can get through and over this and it doesn’t have to be a grueling, pain-in-the-butt process either.

Here are some post Thanksgiving weight loss tips to get you back on track to being the healthiest you can be and shedding those unwanted pounds!

1. Have a big, green smoothie for breakfast – this will help to reset things and let your body know that you still care and still want to give it good, nourishing food.  I know it’s tempting to have a slice of pie or a turkey sandwich in the a.m. and I understand that you probably have a ton of leftovers to eat on for days to come… but start out with that smoothie!  Your body will thank you for it!

2. Drink a LOT of water!  Water will help your body to flush and rehydrate after all the salty, sugary, fatty foods.  You may even want to put fresh lemon juice into your water since lemon is a natural cleanser and detoxifier.  Be sure to have a glass of water immediately BEFORE you eat anything and then again immediately AFTER you’re done eating.

3. No more portion distortion! What I mean is, it’s a given that most people eat until they have to unbutton their pants on Thanksgiving day… but now that that day has passed, it’s time to get back to eating correct portions.  Again, I understand about the left-overs and all, but this may mean getting that child-sized plate as opposed to the big, huge dinner plate you used the day prior.

4. Get some fresh fruit and veggies in between meals.  So if you’re going to be eating leftovers, still keep your body’s metabolism high by eating 5-6 small meals a day but be absolute SURE that the “inbetweens” are fresh, healthy items like celery, carrots, an apple or an orange, etc.

5. Exercise – even if it’s just walking, be sure to move that body.  It was fine to lay around and watch the game on T Day… but now it’s time to come up out of that and get that body movin’!

Once you’ve either run out of or grown tired of the leftovers, then you can REALLY get back on track.  You may or may not need a little bit of help; such as a vitamin supplement to replenish your nutrients and/or a gentle, non-laxative colon cleanse to rid your body of excess, make sure your bowels are running in tip-top condition and detoxify your blood stream from the things you may have eaten that you typically would not.

But all in all, just starting out with these post thanksgiving weight loss tips and then going back to your ‘regularly scheduled program’ of (HEALTHY) diet and exercise will ensure that you don’t pack and KEEP on the pounds!

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I’m tellin’ ya… these two products alone are a POWERHOUSE that will kickstart your body and your health and weight loss* regimen into full gear and lay that Post Thanksgiving Feast Beast to rest until next holiday!

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*And if you REALLY want to lose massive pounds… check out the 10-day challenge!

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