Simple ways to lose weight - have lunch for dinner and dinner for lunch!“Simple Ways To Lose Weight”… How many times have you typed that into the search and how many ways have you come across in your search?

Sadly, many people seeking simple ways to lose weight end up falling into the trend of having nothing for breakfast, that is…that is, besides perhaps a cup of coffee and a muffin or donut.

Then later, it’s typically a “light” lunch, such as a sandwich and some sort of soup, or a grilled chicken salad.

And then for DINNER, it’s typically a big ‘ole, full-blown meal complete with meat, a small amount of (over-cooked, nutrient-deficient) vegetables and a HUGE helping of some form of high-carbohydrate side dish AND bread on the side.

The problem with that is…

  1. Breakfast should be one of your heaviest meals of the day (in terms of calories) but it’s the meal that’s skipped the most or when eaten, it’s not a very good one…
  2. Dinner should be the LIGHTEST meal of the day, but instead, in most cases it’s the heaviest AND it’s typically eaten way LATER than the last meal of the day should be eaten – which is said to be no less than 2-3 hours before bed.  But even then, you don’t really allow your body a lot of time or the ability to burn that meal off, so you “carry” it to bed.

But what if, instead, you chose to…

Have a much lighter meal at night

… something that you would normally have for lunch and at the same time…

Consume the heavier, dinner-style meal during lunch time

You’d then have more time to burn off the calories from that meal and then not so much to burn off at nighttime.

Not only that, but your body doesn’t have to work as hard during the resting/repairing phase while you’re sleeping!

For example:  You could eat the typical, standard breakfast but if for some reason you don’t have/make time for a good, healthy breakfast, then a good protein-based meal replacement shake is an excellent choice for “the most important meal of the day”.

Then lunch would be whatever you cooked for dinner previously (night before, earlier in the week, etc.) that you have wrapped up FOR lunch.

And of course, dinner would be the typical lunch-style food of something light such as that grilled chicken salad or that turkey sandwich.

But truth be told, dinner could be another shake, especially if weight loss is your goal!

Basically, the whole idea is to eat as light as you would for lunch during dinnertime and vice-versa!

Now, of course, doing this alone isn’t going to yield a major result… but it’s definitely a start in the right direction of creating good habits for long-lasting weight control.

But you’d want to most certainly couple switching of the meals, with eating better and at least light-to-moderate exercise.

So, the next time you find yourself sitting there searching for simple ways to lose weight, then consider trying the reverse-meal tip you just read!

Cherie King - Your Wellness Advocate

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