“Taste, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.”
– Cherie

Err.. umm… rather in the mouth, not the eye.

Aww YOU know what I meant!

Anyway, what I’m saying is that, what one may think tastes divine on the palate, someone else may think it’s absolutely repulsive.

I mean, think about it – to some, the flavor of liver is LOVELY.  But as for me, I think it’s YEEE-UCKY!


So, is it really fair to ask how ANYTHING tastes according to someone else’s taste buds, including the infamous Iaso Tea?

*shrug* Well, you did a search and ended up here, right?  So I guess it IS fair to ask…

“How does Iaso Tea taste?”

cherie emoji - stink faceNow, as the title says, I’m a picky girl.  There are a TON of foods that I won’t eat either because I’m scared to try them or I just didn’t like them once I DID try them.

So, I’m always leery to try new things and this tea was no different.

I’ll have to admit, I was expecting it to taste weird because after it was done steeping, I took the lid off the pot and the smell that came out was kinda… yeah, that —>

So I was a little nervous for a minute as to what the heck this tea was gonna TASTE like.

I also expected it to have some sort of slippery, slimy consistency as I’ve experienced with other detox-type teas.

But once I brewed it and refrigerated it and had my first glass of it with my lunch…

I was pleasantly surprised!

Cherie King Pleased About Iaso Tea Taste

I had heard that it basically tastes like water and… it does!  Straight out of the fridge, it tastes like a cold, refreshing glass of water with an ever-so-slight hint of tea undertone.

No sliminess.  No weirdness whatsoever.

I have seen where a lot of folks add stuff to it – strawberries, lemons, etc.  But it really doesn’t NEED anything.  Besides, I’d like to drink it as-is, without altering it, except to perhaps try it warm.

I was also thinking to maybe add a little ginger for flavor because I LOVE ginger tea… that’s my all time favorite tea!

(UPDATE:  I DID try it warm in the evening and added a little ginger tea to it and BOY was it good!  It was my ginger tea, WITH the added benefits that Iaso Tea has to offer.  I also tried it warm without the ginger and it was good too.  I added a little bit of raw honey and it was perfect!)

But I think that perhaps some of the folks who add all that stuff to it for flavor are the ones who already may not like drinking water and prefer juice and soda pop, I don’t know.

I guess if you already don’t drink much water, you’ll probably want to add a little something to it.  But MAKE IT HEALTHY, please!  Natural sweeteners (NOT white sugar) and natural fruit should be fine.

Smy first iaso set upo, if you’ve been on the fence about trying Iaso tea but you were concerned about the taste, it’s good!  I give it two thumbs up!

Now as for the effectiveness of it…

When I first wrote this article, I hadn’t used it long enough to see how it affected me.

However, a lot of time has gone by and I can now share my experiences with it, aside from the taste as described above.

Click here to read my review based on my personal results!

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