How many times have you been eating something and your body clearly signaled that you were full… quite full, actually.  Yet…  you continued to eat, not because you were hungry, but because it just TASTES so darned good?

Now, of course we can attribute this to the wonderful-tasting flavor of the food… but sadly, we can also attribute it to chemicals in our food and additives such as MSG to make it taste so good that we don’t want to stop eating it.

I’ve experienced this myself where I’d eat so much that I felt nauseated afterwards.

So what’s the solution?  What can you do to stop overeating when it’s as a result of taste?

stop overeating tips - cleanse your palateCleanse your palate!

That’s right… sometimes simply REMOVING that taste from your mouth will help you to stop eating.  I know it has worked for me.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard of people cleansing their palates during wine tasting or when eating a 5-7 course meal and they want to really be able to taste the food they’re eating at each course… so they’ll cleanse the palate between courses so the flavors really pop through.

Well, it can also help you to stop eating when the urge to eat is simply based on how good the food tastes, although you are no longer hungry.

Here are a few things I’ve done that you can try too.  Once the feeling of satiation has kicked in and you feel full yet, still have the desire to keep eating:

  1. Go brush your teeth – if you have a tongue scraper, be sure to clean your tongue as well and if not, use a rag or something.
  2. Drink water with lemon or other citrus fruit juice squeezed into it.
  3. Eat some light fruit
  4. Eat parsley

A few other things you can try that I’ve never tried before are eating celery sticks or fresh, tart apple slices; drink lightly brewed green, black or mint tea (easy on the sweetener) or eat lemon, lime or mint sorbet.

And whatever you decide to do, if possible, PUT THE FOOD AWAY… out of sight/out of mind!

This is great to know right around holiday time because I KNOW I have a tendency to over do it on Thanksgiving!  So keep these “stop overeating tips” in mind the next time you’re eating something you love and can’t get enough of even if you’re about to bust! lol


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