If you’re here, you were searching for some of the benefits of the TLC (Total Life Changes) Iaso Nutraburst liquid vitamin supplement, correct?

Okay great, I’m about to share a few of them with you!

Now, I previously shared my own review of this product.

But my 12-year old son had a much different take on it – here’s his story…

TLC Iaso Nutraburst Benefits – A 12 Year Old’s Perspective


TLC Iaso Nutraburst Benefits - A 12-Year Olds Perspective

So yesterday afternoon, my little man took a long nap.


I KNEW it was gonna mess him up when it came time for bed… but I let him rest anyway.


And just as I predicted, when it was bedtime, he couldn’t sleep and he had school the next day.

***Hey, would you prefer to LISTEN to this story as opposed to read it?  If so, watch the video below***

After mentioning to him that I should never have allowed him to nap so long because I KNEW this was gonna happen, he said to me…

“Well, I know I’ll be tired when I wake up, but you can just give me some of that Nutraburst.”

I asked him…

“Oh, so the last time I gave you that, it worked?”

And then he said…

“Yes. It gave me energy and I wasn’t tired at school.”

happy at school

So I asked him about the “allergy incident“.

What’s the “allergy incident?”  Well, one day he was playing outside and then came back in sniffling & sneezing with watering eyes from allergies. I told him that I could give him some Nutraburst and he said…

“What’s THAT gonna do?”

and I told him…

“I don’t know… all I know is, I’ve seen others say that it helped either them or their kids with allergies”.

So, I gave him some.

When I asked him about it, he said,

“Yeah, it helped with my allergies AND it helped with my headache that time, too!”
(He had a headache one day and I gave him Nutraburst after having heard & read others say it helped with their migraines.)

So let’s recap the benefits of Nutraburst, according to my 12-year old son:

  1. It gave him ENERGY throughout his school day
  2. It helped with his ALLERGY SYMPTOMS and…
  3. It helped make his HEADACHE go away

Hmm… that’s pretty good, huh?

And because this IS a kid we’re talking about, you might be wondering…

“What does he think of the taste?”

I’ve actually never given it to him straight up.  I usually put it in orange juice, or blended into his shake, and he says he doesn’t really taste it in either of those.


click to enlarge

So the moral of the story is this…

Just because a product may not do what YOU feel it’s supposed to do for YOU, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t work for others!


Just because you may not FEEL a product doing something, doesn’t mean it’s not working.

It could be actually nourishing and/or repairing something internally that you’re unaware of… you just never know!

So if YOU happen to be suffering from allergies, migraines (or headaches in general), or you have low energy, this product just might help you!

And for the record, I am NOT making medical claims that this product will “cure” any of that.

All I’m doing is sharing with you the experience of my youngest child.  Perhaps YOUR benefits may be the same or different, but you’ll never know unless you try it, so…


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