There are SO many ways to lose weight that it’s enough to make your head spin!

But what I’m going to do is talk about one weight loss method in particular that is very popular and that has been responsible for my husband, myself and others I know losing pounds and inches.

And that method is none other than…

Meal Replacement Shakes 

In fact, it has been proven that replacing 1-2 of your meals with a good, healthy, high-quality meal replacement shake is an excellent way to shed pounds.

But even in that, there are a LOT of shakes to choose from (I mean a WHOLE lot of them) and not all of them are created equally.

Most popular shakes on the market contain harmful ingredients that can have unfavorable effects in the long run, while others are more natural and have ingredients that are actually GOOD for you and nourishing to your body.

Therefore, you’ll want to be sure to do your research and your homework when trying to select the best meal replacement shake.

So Why Are Meal Replacement Shakes Helpful With Weight Loss?

Some people are of the notion that the these shakes, in and of themselves, will “make” you lose weight due to some sort of “magical” ingredient(s) in them that causes or encourages weight loss.

And while there are some shakes out there that have ingredients that are helpful towards weight loss, for the most part this is not what makes meal replacement shakes beneficial in one’s weight loss efforts.  However…

The following are reasons that meal replacement shakes can assist in your weight management goals:

  • Meal replacement shakes are typically designed to keep you full for hours so that you don’t end up eating too much or making poor choices of what to eat for a meal – hence meal REPLACEMENT…
  • Meal replacement shakes take the guesswork out of what to eat (or not eat) that would be conducive to your goals…
  • Meal replacement shakes help you cut WAY back on the amount of time spent cooking & meal prepping and just makes meal time simpler and easier to STICK with…
  • Meal replacement shakes (that are made with wholesome ingredients) can actually be a great source of nutrition for someone who may be lacking in nutrients due to poor food choices and therefore, allow the body to repair and feel satiated with nutrients so you don’t reach for nutrient-deficient, empty calorie foods…
  • Meal replacement shakes (some of them) are high in protein but low in calories…
  • Meal replacement shakes are in liquid form so any nutritional benefits they provide are more readily digested, absorbed and used by the body…
  • Meal replacement shakes are, for the most part, portable so you can have one on the go or have them in your car when you need that quick “rescue meal” from fast-food joints!Now some are only available in canisters that you have to scoop out and in those cases, you can simply pre-scoop servings into zipper-style sandwich bags, but some shakes come in handy packets or cans that you just open,  add water and shake up in a shaker cup

Again, when choosing a meal replacement shake be sure to do your homework to find the ones that are most optimal, have the best ingredients for your overall health and are convenient enough for your lifestyle.  It is also very important that you…

DO NOT View Shakes, Alone, As The End-All-Be-All!

While drinking these shakes can be a great part of your weight loss solution, you must also incorporate other things such as starting to at least make strides towards a healthier diet as well as incorporating some cleansing & detoxification, and light-to-moderate exercise for best results.

The shakes and anything else you eat (or avoid eating) is just part of the equation!

My Personal Recommendation for a Delicious, Healthy Meal Replacement Shake

Earlier on I mentioned that not all meal replacement shakes are created equally.  But the shakes that I personally use and recommend are (in my humble opinion) one of the better choices of what’s out there to chose from.


Well for starters, even if you’re vegetarian or lactose-intolerant or have celiac disease you can drink these shakes because they are gluten-free, dairy-free, whey-free and soy-free, using  non-GMO vegetable pea and brown rice as the source of protein!

Those are important components to have in a shake and the healthiest, most natural form of protein available that is best assimilated by the body!

Not only that, but they also contribute to your weight loss efforts as well as healthy bone density by delivering 500mg of  plant-based calcium per serving as opposed to dairy and/or calcium carbonate (limestone) which is also used to make cement – no wonder so many shake products taste so chalky, huh?

But the shakes I consume are smooth and creamy and can be blended with fruit and other ingredients to create a  wide variety of wonderful flavors experiences so you don’t get bored!

And we won’t even mention the anti-stress & energy blend – a rise in cortisol levels due to stress is a BIG factor in weight gain and these shakes help with that.

There is also a  prebiotic blend to aid in digestion, super greens blend for overall health & well-being and more!

Click here to learn more & find out how you can get some!

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