Back in the day, liver cleanses (or flushes) were kind of harsh and involved drinking a mixture of epsom salt, olive oil, and other stuff.

Have you ever done one of those?

And in case you didn’t know… your liver:

* is the #1 FAT BURNING organ in your body…
* performs over 500 functions…
* holds about 13% of the body’s blood supply, and…
* filters over 540 gallons of your blood a day

This is why, when you cleanse your liver, it impacts your ENTIRE body.

Having said that, if you could do a liver cleanse that did NOT require choking down a gross drink AND it was more gentle, yet highly effective AND improved the functioning of your liver, thyroid, and pancreas; would you do one?

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I went to to get re-tested for Hep C and they found no traces of Hep C after doing the 90 Day Liver Cleanse

– Anonymous Ontario, Canada