Hi, I’m Cherie… your Wellness Advocate!

What’s a “wellness advocate”?

Pretty much what it implies.

I am an advocate for wellness and have been for many years now… starting back in 2001, shortly after my husband was diagnosed with Grave’s disease (hyperthyroidism)

… and then later after my mother, grandmother, and aunts were diagnosed with renal (kidney) failure, heart issues, liver issues, and diabetes; and I took notice that there was a pattern going on and a cycle that I did NOT want to be a part of.

More on that in a bit, but first…

What’s Get Healthy Clean And Lean (GHCL) All About?

I’m not sure if you’ve ever paid attention or not but my motto, as stated on my banner as well as the home page, is…

“Improve your health one day… one step… one bite at a time”

Although I USED to subscribe to a certain, strict, exclusive way of eating…

I’ve come to grips with the fact that there is just TOO doggone much conflicting information out there about what’s healthy and what isn’t… what causes fat and what doesn’t, etc. and that causes a lot of confusion.

But despite all the varying opinions & theories by all the “experts” out there, one thing can’t be argued and that is…

Your body needs proper nutrition & balance in order to function at peak performance and that balance will help with a whole PLETHORA of issues, including weight issues.

Therefore, this site, “Get Healthy, Clean, and Lean” is all about helping you get on the path to better health & wellness, starting at some very bare bones basics, and WITHOUT “preaching” any one particular way of eating.

So, have a look around and get a feel for what I have to offer, then connect with me so that you & I can work TOGETHER to help you reach your goals!

On a personal note…

I am a 40-something, stay-at-home wife and (former homeschooling) mom of 4 beautiful children and wife to my loving husband of over 25 years!

We’re originally from Detroit, MI but currently reside in the beautiful Pacific NW state of Washington!

I am formerly a Cosmetologist and Natural Hair Care Provider and I’ve authored several natural hair-related ebooks.

I am currently a Home-Based Entrepreneur functioning as an Internet Marketing Trainer who helps other business owners build their businesses online.

Alissa Cohen and me

I began self-studied  natural health  over 10 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease.

We began gradually changing our diet, starting with vegetarianism, then graduating to veganism, and then ultimately raw foodism (eating either exclusively or primarily uncooked, plant-based foods) for 5 years.

During that time, I became a certified Raw Food Chef under the tutelage of world-renowned Raw Food Chef, Author & Teacher, Alissa Cohen.

Teaching a class full of eager participants

I have taught many classes in various (local) facilities, as well as in my own home and although I no longer practice that (exclusively raw) way of life…

… I am still a very strong advocate for healthy living with a desire to help people no longer feel as though they have to accept sickness as their fate, as so many tend to do.

That is something I attempted to get my family members to realize, but unfortunately;

I ended up losing my mother, her mother (my grandmother) and one of my aunts to the (preventable) health challenges I mentioned previously and sadly…

Some time before my aunt passed away, she had to have BOTH of her legs amputated due to complications with her weight & her diabetic condition AND, she suffered from colon-related issues which led to her wearing a colostomy bag.

Do you see how serious things can get if you don’t take care of yourself?  I’m trying to tell you…


Sickness & disease does NOT have to be a ‘final word’ or a ‘death sentence’, nor does it have to accompany getting older.

But the key is that, you must NOT wait until things get bad or worse…

START doing something about it NOW!