In doing your research of ways to lose weight or get healthier, you’ve probably seen some of everything…all touting to be the best, only or right way…right?

You are probably wondering or have asked…

“Why are there SO many different diets and methods of losing weight?”

And to ask that question would be like asking, “Why are there so many denominations of churches within the Christian religion?” or “Why are there so many religions?”

And the answer to all of those questions is…

Because people base their teachings on their own experiences, theories, opinions and interpretations!

Yes, there are experts who will all conflict one another in their beliefs on what is the best and healthiest way we should eat, the products we should or shouldn’t take, etc.

Don’t believe me?

Put someone who is a staunch vegetarian/vegan in the room with someone who is a staunch believer in a more ‘primal/caveman’ style diet and they will BOTH have great arguments for and against the consumption of animal products!

Another prime example is the source of protein in meal replacement shakes.

One company I know of clearly speaks against using whey or soy and they cite research that says the same.  So they make their shakes from a vegetable pea & brown rice protein source.

But on the other hand, you will find that MOST protein shakes on the market are made with protein from whey, soy or both and they have evidence that it’s safe and healthy for you.

So who’s right and who’s wrong?

For most of my adult life I was told that you should eat a low-fat diet and replace butter with margarine, avoid fried foods like the plague and eat the leanest cuts of meat with fat trimmed off – ONLY to attend a healthy living class with a very healthy, fit Nutritionist who taught that…

(healthy) FAT is actually GOOD – this including animal fat… and that we should ditch the margarine and use REAL butter, and that we need not be afraid to have an egg fried in lots of butter with some nice, fatty bacon on the side!

Now mind you, she also expressed the importance of getting natural, farm-raised, grass-fed, hormone-free, animal protein and even unpasteurized milk… but it was still a much different teaching than most of us were accustomed to hearing.

Well, what I learned during my days of eating a raw plant-based diet – one of the cleanest, most natural & simplistic ‘diets’ around (and even THAT faced scrutiny and even had conflicts among raw foodies) is that…

It’s important to be in tune with your own body and to be able to ‘listen’ to it & read the signs given off and determine what works for you.

But how can you do that if you’ve been eating a diet high in processed, refined foods, junk foods, etc?

By the process of elimination!

You would probably need to do some sort of internal detoxification to rid your body of accumulated toxins and then eat pretty cleanly (fresh fruits and vegetables and whole, unrefined, minimally-processed foods) and then…

As you slowly re-introduce your body to things such as dairy, meat or even carbs; pay attention to how your body reacts to those foods and determine if it’s something you should keep or something you should toss!

Another way is to simply stop consuming any questionable items for 7 days or even up to 30 days, take note of how you feel during that time as well as at the end and then, re-introduce the item(s) back into your diet and again, taking note of how you feel and making the determination if it’s worth keeping despite any ill feelings experienced once consumed again.

There will ALWAYS be on-going debates about:

dairy vs. non-dairy
low-fat vs. high-fat,
animal products vs. purely plant-based eating,
no-carbs vs. whole grain carbs being necessary

But you can’t go wrong with eliminating or at least greatly minimizing or limiting processed, refined foods that have little-to-no nutritional value!

So again, with the process of elimination of certain foods, eventually you WILL ultimately realize what diet (as in way of eating) works best for YOU and nothing any expert says against it will be able to deter you!

Cherie King - Your Wellness Advocate

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