Hey there!

My wellness company has been holding a contest for the Promoters (Reps) in order for us to gain as much exposure to our short, informative videos as possible, in order to do just what their motto says…

Improve world health one family at a time.

The company’s contest rules indicate that the videos have to be sent AND watched (and yes, they can track it) via text message, using their phone app.

And no, YOU do not have to download the app… in fact, only Promoters have access to it.

All YOU have to do is just receive the video via text and watch it!

That’s it!


I mean, if you so happen to like what you see, great!

If not, that’s fine too… again, NO pressure to buy!

And please don’t worry… I PROMISE I WILL NOT TEXT YOU after having sent the video(s) you agree to watch unless YOU initiate it by asking questions about the product(s) as an indication you are interested.

In fact, I’m NOT even going to add you to any list or anything.  This is a one-time shot and you will never hear from me again, as I said before, unless YOU initiate it.

How It All Works…

The more videos you watch (there are 11 total) the more chances you have to win, as I am going to enter your name into the drawing one (1) time per video you watch!

It’s kinda like when people buy raffle tickets and the more you buy, the more you increase your odds of winning only with this; you’re not purchasing raffle tickets, you’re watching videos! 🙂

Watch one video, get your name entered one time. Watch 3 videos, get your name entered 3 times. Watch ALL ELEVEN videos, get your name entered 11 times!

The deadline to enter is May 28, 2017 and I will choose the winner on June 1st.

The rules for the FREE PRODUCT drawing are as follows:

I am basing the prize on how I place in the contest.

If I place 1st or 2nd: the winner of the drawing gets to choose from one of our product PAKS (choose ONE pak from: 10 day, 30 day, or Basic Weight Loss Pak, 30 or 90 day Liver Master Pak, Joint Health Pak, Basic Health Pak, or Cleanse & Rebuild Pak).

Visit: www.gethealthycleanandlean.com to see what comes in each pak and decide which one YOU would like the chance to win!

If I place 3rd thru 5th: the winner gets to choose any 2 (singular) products of their choice and…

If I place 6th thru 10th: the winner gets to choose one (singular) product of their choice!

And again, the more videos you watch, the HIGHER you increase your chances of winning!

So, if you would like to participate in this contest drawing; simply click here and private message me on Facebook (or send an email to gethealthycleanandlean.cherie@gmail.com) with your name, mobile number, and which video(s) you’d be interested in watching.

Here is a list of the videos to choose from:

1. Liver Health
2. Colon Health
3. Liquid Vitamins
4. Weight Loss Program
5. Joint Health
6. Business Opportunity
7. How Our Products Work & How to Use Them (Daily Product Schedule)
8. Pure Trim Featured On Presenting San Diego (TV)
9. Pure Trim Featured On Good Things Utah (TV)
10. Pure Trim Featured On Arizona Monday (TV)
11. Pure Trim Featured On Colorado’s Best (TV)

On June 1, 2017, I will record a video of where I landed in the contest, me doing the drawing process, who the winner is, and which prize they get to choose from.

Hope to see YOU enter the drawing!

Thanks for your help! 🙂