Skinny fat…

Sounds like a major oxymoron, doesn’t it?  And you’ve probably heard, read or even used that term before.  But what exactly does it mean?

Well, skinny fat is what a LOT of people are.

Skinny fat is what I am – though I’m gradually changing that!

Me, slowly but surely working towards going from skinny-fat, to lean, fit, and healthy!

Skinny fat is basically when you have a small‘ish frame but you are flabby and have excess fat on your body that is usually carried in the midsection, but can be on other parts of the body such as the hips/buttocks, thighs and arms as well.

People look at me, for example, and they see my small frame; but when I say I need to shed about 10-15 lbs, they either laugh, roll their eyes or both.

But what they don’t realize is that, at my height of 5’4″, according to the BMI (Body Mass Index), if my weight goes above 145 lbs I am considered overweight… that is IF I have excess body fat (which I DO) as opposed to being 146+ lbs of lean muscle mass – that would be a totally different story if that were the case.

But it is very common for a lot of people to be skinny fat now-a-days.  Too “fat” to be considered “skinny” and too “skinny” to be considered “fat”.

I’ve learned from others as well as my own personal experiences that:

  • There are a lot of small people who are out of shape and get winded easily
  • There are a lot of small people who have illnessesare in poor health
  • There are a lot of small people who are actually overweight

Why Being Skinny Fat Is or Should Be A Cause For Concern?

Well for one, it is or can be a first step to becoming obese.

Second, if someone is relatively thin everywhere except for the midsection, this could either mean or lead to VISCERAL FAT which, unlike subcutaneous fat (right below the skin), is much deeper where the organs are.

Too much of that fat surrounding the organs can be taxing on those organs and lead to WORSE problems such as type 2 diabetes, issues with the reproductive system, liver & gallbladder problems, and many other health challenges.

So What Can Be Done About It?

You will definitely want to begin making gradual changes toward being healthier, fit and toned through diet and exercise.

1. The first step is to recognize and acknowledge that you are skinny fat.

2. Next, you need to identify where your “problem” areas are (butt, hips, tummy, arms, thighs or all of the above) and then from there pinpoint the root cause of WHY you’re that way.

3. Once you’ve done that, then it’s time to sit down and plan out what changes need to be made, set some realistic goals and then work towards reaching them!  Figure out if you need to change your diet or not and if so, what you need to change.

For example, if you realize that you are eating an excessive amount of carbs, you need to figure out what do you can do in order to cut back on them or how can you stop your body from craving them.

But another scenario could be that you’re eating very healthfully, but the missing part of the equation for YOU may be exercise.  Or…

Perhaps you may already exercise but your body doesn’t give any indication that you do – in that case, there could be other factors that need to be altered such as diet or maybe even a change in HOW you’re exercising, believe it or not!

But again, you have to sit down and really examine yourself and what’s going on with you that has you where you are right now.

And please do not get caught up in thinking that just because your frame is small, all is well because a lot of people that are now obese did not necessarily start out that way!

A lot of them started right where you and I are… skinny-fat.

Take the necessary measures to, not necessarily become skinny…but to become healthy, trim and fit!

Click here to learn how I’m going from skinny-fat to skinny-fit!

Cherie King - Your Wellness Advocate

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