“Improve your health one day… one step… one bite at a time!”

In case you weren’t aware – which I KNOW you are – there are TONS of websites out there that are geared towards the super-health conscious… the ‘clean eater’… the ‘raw foodie’… the ‘low-carb’er’…  the ‘paleo eater’ and any other dietary food plan you may or may not have heard of.

But I want THIS place to be different where…

One size does NOT fit all!

Because it doesn’t.  I mean, think about it.

I just named a handful of different ways to eat and each one has its pros and its cons.

But if you ask strong advocates of any one of them about eating some way opposite of what their way teaches, they will have all sorts of negative things to say about it because, the “experts” simply cannot agree.

They constantly argue and debate:

which diet is right“Fat is bad!”
“NO, fat is GOOD!”
“Eggs are bad!”
“NO, eggs are GOOD!”
“Whole grains are good…
“NO, ALL grains are BAD, even whole grains!”
“Don’t overindulge in fruit because sugar is sugar!”
“We are frugavores and therefore SHOULD primarily eat fruit!”

AHHHH!  Which IS it, already?!?

***This hilarious video PERFECTLY sums up how cumbersome healthy eating is when NO ONE can agree***


Well, breathe a sigh of relief because on THIS website, I’m not here to push any one particular eating style as being “THE Way”; and my goal isn’t necessarily to appeal to the already super-health-conscious.

My goal is to help you do just what the tagline says…

“Improve your health one day… one step… one bite at a time”

Get Healthy, Clean & Lean is here to help and support you, and meet you wherever you are in the process… ESPECIALLY if you are at the very beginning!

Here are a few articles to get you started with those baby steps:


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