I can only imagine what must be going through your mind as you read that headline! 🙂 But this is something that I learned a while ago…

…That cravings for junk foods as well as overeating very often mean that your body is actually STARVING!

No, not starving for food but rather starving for NUTRITION…for vitamins, minerals and other vital nutrients.

Your body is crying out, “Feed me, feed me!” but instead of giving it what it REALLY wants and needs, we tend to give it what WE want…what our taste buds and our minds tell us we want which is usually:

– Heavily-processed foods

– Greasy fried/fatty foods

– Sugary foods

– Excessive carbohydrate foods

And most of that is void of nutrition.  So then because we STILL haven’t given our body what it’s really asking for, we continue to eat and eat and eat thinking we’re responding to the cry of “hunger” and ignoring the cry of nutrition!

This plea could also be for water!  But one thing we can be assured of is that it’s NOT desiring many of the things we tend to give it.

Now I realize that most people simply do not like healthy foods, especially vegetables.  My younger brother is a prime example of this fact.  He will not eat anything green or freshly grown from the ground or off of a tree.  But he can eat chips and drink soda pop and eat candy and junk all day long.  Oh sure he eats food…just no fruits and veggies.  And yes, he’s overweight.

So what could be a viable solution for him?  What could be a viable solution to bridging at least some of that nutritional gap in anyone who doesn’t and/or won’t eat healthy?

Vitamin/mineral supplements, of course!  But not just any supplements will do.  Most pill vitamins do not even get absorbed by the body and this is usually for two major reasons:

  1. The colon is heavily-impacted – believe it or not, most of our nutrients are absorbed IN the colon walls.  But if the colon is not functioning properly or it’s impacted with old fecal matter, etc. then nutrients cannot and will not be absorbed properly and…
  2. The vitamins don’t get broken down and are usually evacuated from the body before they even have a chance to break down – many of the large, horse-pill vitamins have such thick, hard outer coatings and are often full of cheap fillers and therefore are not easily-broken down and absorbed in a timely fashion.

Both of these result in people still being deficient although they religiously take their vitamins every day…one-a-day! 😉

Liquid vitamins, however, are more readily-absorbed into the bloodstream and assimilated by the body.

So if you are someone who needs/desires to lose weight (or even if not), do NOT forget to feed your body…not just with foods YOU crave, but with the vitamins and nutrients that IT craves!

Cherie King - Your Wellness Advocate

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