Do you make omelets?

Do you ever wish you could just whip up your eggs and not have to go through the hassle of chopping up the veggies, and/or pre-frying up the sausage, bacon or other meat?

Well, with this tip, you won’t have to!

Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas For The Week - Frozen Omelet Fixins

Breakfast Meal Prep Idea: Frozen Omelet Fixins

So, I got the idea one day when I was making omelets for hubby, my daughter and myself.  I was like,

“Arg!  I wish all of this chopping and frying was already done!”

Then I thought…

“Hmmm… I wonder if I can PRE-chop and PRE-cook all this stuff and then freeze it for whenever I want an omelet.

I didn’t do it right away… but then one day, I decided to just go for it.

I chopped up my usual onions & green peppers and briefly sauteed them in butter til they were translucent.


Then, I took half a roll of sausage and fried it up “ground beef style” (crumbles) along with chopped ham.

cooked breakfast meat for omelets

I allowed to cool off a bit and then I grabbed some small sandwich bags and put a couple of tablespoons of each ingredient into the bags, sealed them up, put THOSE bags into a slightly bigger freezer bag and then popped it into the freezer!

Easy peasy!

So now you’re wondering…

“How did it turn out when it was time to use it?”

It turned out great!

I warmed up my pan, added some butter, and then put the frozen clump of meat and veggies into the pan with just a splash of water.  I allowed it to thaw right in the pan, from the heat.

Naturally, you can also set the bag of fixins out to thaw on the counter, but who wants to wait on that?

Or, you can take a bag out the night before and put into the fridge to thaw overnight… whatever works for YOU!

Once it was thawed, just stirred it around and allowed it to heat while I whipped up my eggs.


warming frozen omelet fixins

I generally just pour the eggs on top, sprinkle with some cheese and cook it up!  I’m not all too fancy with making omelets that fold, although I CAN do that… I just choose to keep it simple and quick as possible!

making omelet from frozen fixins

And it was delicious!  One would never know the meat and veggies had been frozen and it was quick to make!

Another Benefit of Pre-Freezing Omelet Fixins…

One thing I love is the fact that, NOW veggies don’t have to end up sitting in the fridge and going bad simply because we didn’t eat omelets often or fast enough!

I’m sure you know how spinach can get after a few days… green slime CITY, right?

But now, you can buy any combination of omelet veggies you want, chop ’em up ahead of time and freeze them, along with any meat you want if you’re into meat, for omelets (or omelet breakfast bites) anytime!

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