photo 2I’ve been making fresh citrus juice for my husband lately and I must say, it tastes SOOOO much better than the stuff you buy in stores!

In fact, I drank some fresh juice, and then drank some bottled orange juice and I was like, “YUCK!”  They paled by comparison!

Now, during our raw food days in the past, we used to make fresh squeezed orange juice ALL the time.

But now I make a citrus juice that I “think” Sunny Delight was supposed to be based on… not sure.

Either way, this stuff is the BOMB!  I call it, “Sunshine Juice”.

It’s so yummy and is a perfect balance of flavors: sweet, tart and that hint of bitterness from the (pink) grapefruit.

I think next time I’d like try adding some lime to the mix.

Here’s what I used:

1 pink grapefruit

1 orange

2 mandarin oranges (Cuties)

1 lemon

Slice each and juice with citrus juicer.  I use an electric citrus juicer where all  you do is press the fruit down on the juicer that is in it’s bowl and it spins and juices.  You can use a manual one, but it will take a little longer.

photo 1

Pour into a glass and enjoy right away as to not lose nutrients!

NOTE: You will have some light pulp and seeds and you can use a strainer bag to remove it, but I personally leave mine in!

photo 4

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