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UNBIASED Iaso Nutraburst Reviews

And I’m here to GIVE it to ya! Here goes…

It’s okay.  Want me to elaborate a little bit more?

The “Preface”…

Okay… I’ll start this off by saying, I am NOT new to healthy eating and I am NOT new to taking liquid vitamin supplements.

My husband and I have been taking a different liquid vitamin for years and we love it because it has a LOT of nutrition packed into it and offers a lot of benefits.

Fast forward to late March, 2015 when I made the decision to try TLC (Total Life Changes) products because I kept hearing and seeing a lot of people having great success with them!

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Ahh, That First Taste of Nutraburst…

I was eager to try Nutraburst, along with many of the other products offered by TLC.

When my order came in, BOY OH BOY was I excited because all I kept hearing and reading about was this great energy burst people were getting from it, and I was ready to feel it too!

I anxiously cracked the bottle open and the first thing that hit me was the smell.

YIKES!  I got a little nervous at that point because the smell was a little strong, yet, had this slight hint of vanilla.  So I thought, “Okay, maybe it tastes better than it smells.

So, I pour a little bit and taste it straight up because, I have yet to try ANY liquid vitamin that I didn’t have to mix with something in order to drink it and I wanted to see how it would taste BEFORE adding it to anything.

I wasn’t expecting it to taste great, but I wanted to see if it would taste better than my other liquid vitamin tastes when drinking it straight.  Because someone had mentioned that it tastes like V8 Splash, I was hopeful.

I believe I had my expectations set WAY too high because my palette was like, “HUH?  V8 Splash?? Yeah RIGHT!

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I then tried it mixed in water.  Nope.

The next time I took it, I tried it in orange juice.  BINGO! That was perfect!

I’ve also tried it blended into my meal replacement shake, as well as, in a smoothie and it was superb in both!  Blends right in and you don’t even notice it’s in there!

One day, I wanted to try just knocking it back (don’t ask me why) so I tried it straight again.

It wasn’t completely horrible, but let’s just say that, liquid vitamins are liquid vitamins and they will forever have that vitaminy taste.


One day I had some lemons and decided to squeeze a little lemon into it and that made it MUCH more palatable.  I still find myself chasing it down with something, though… water or a piece of fruit, typically.

Now, I know you came here wondering about MORE than just the taste, didn’t you?  You wanna know how well this stuff works.

About the effectiveness of Nutraburst…

Well, I personally didn’t get that tremendous BURST that everyone talks about.  Neither did my husband – I asked him.

He said he feels more of a burst of energy with our other vitamin, and I agree.

Now what we DID notice was that, although the energy doesn’t come in a burst for us, Nutraburst DOES offer a sustained LEVEL of energy throughout the day and then when it’s time to go to bed, we rest very well – there’s no crash and burn or anything like that.

I also notice that I don’t end up needing/wanting a nap like I would when I wasn’t taking ANY supplements at all.

UPDATE:  I wrote another ‘review’ of this product
based on my 12-year old son’s experience with it.
Click here to check that out!

So Are The Others Lying?

Allow me to say that, I do not feel that the people who indicated they feel a huge burst of energy when they take Nutraburst are lying.

The reason I say this is because, if a person was NOT into healthy eating or taking an effective vitamin & mineral supplement prior to getting started on Nutraburst, generally the outcome is that getting a potent form of nutrients is going to cause response, such as a sudden burst of energy.

So, if the majority of the people were eating poorly and not getting proper nutrition, then Nutraburst is now nourishing them and giving them something they didn’t have before and the effects are felt immediately.

Now I have seen quite a few people, my son included,  indicate that certain ailments, such as allergies, have improved since taking Nutraburst.  I don’t have allergies, so I can’t attest to that personally.  All in all, it’s a good product, but just not (what I consider to be) the best.

So there you have it…

My totally UNBIASED review of Iaso Nutraburst!

Overall, it is a good product in its own right from a nutritional standpoint, although I just personally feel that my original vitamin has a bit more to offer in terms of nutrition.  And I feel the need to mix BOTH of them with something (even if just lemon juice) in order to take them.

I like the fact that Nutraburst only requires taking 1 TBS (1/2 oz) whereas my other one is 2 TBS (1 oz) – but BOTH are a 30-day supply – one is just more concentrated than the other.

We actually order both… the kids seem to like Nutraburst better taste-wise, though I personally prefer the taste of my original vitamin.


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