Do Dairy-Free Meal Replacement Shakes ExistHey, this is Cherie and I heard that YOU were searching around for a DAIRY-FREE meal replacement shake!

Is that true?  ‘Cause if it IS… wooo-WEE, you’re gonna love me by the time you read this blog post down to the very end!  

Okay now tell me, are you looking for a dairy-free meal replacement shake because you’re:

  • Lactose intolerant?
  • Allergic to dairy? 
  • Vegan?
  • Vegetarian? or…
  • Health conscious and feel dairy is unhealthy?

Well, whatever the reason, the bottom line is that you want your shake to be dairy-free, lactose-free, whey-free, whey isolate-free, and void of any other word that basically boils down to one thing… DAIRY!  

Am I right?  

Now, I know this isn’t the first site you’ve come across – I know you’ve been checkin’ out other dairy-free meal replacement shakes; BUT… there’s one important question I want you to ask yourself?

 “What KIND of protein is the dairy/whey being replaced with?”

Yep, you gotta be careful when selecting a shake that contains no dairy because a LOT of dairy-free meal replacements are actually soy-based and the reality is that…

Soy may not be the best option either, ESPECIALLY for women!
Click here to find out why you may want to avoid soy.

But if all you’ve been running into are SOY-based, milk-free shakes, I just want you to know that there IS a such thing as non-dairy shakes that are also soy-free, gluten-free, even GMO-free.  

One such shake is the ONLY one my family and I drink and have drank for a long time with stellar results!


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If There’s No Dairy, What About Calcium?

While dairy is touted as a good source of calcium,  these PureTrim shakes are chockfull of calcium… 500 mg of calcium, in fact!  One 8 oz glass of (whole) milk has only 276 mg, so YOU do the math!

And the calcium in these shakes isn’t from chalky calcium carbonate but instead, it’s plant-based calcium – green plants, sesame seeds, kale leaf and spinach leaf!

Now you may be saying to yourself…

“Yeah, but how do they TASTE?”

nastyshake2And I don’t blame you because let’s face it… a lot of dairy-free meal replacement shakes out there (ESPECIALLY the ones that are whey and/or soy-free) taste AWFUL!

But I can assure you that THESE shakes are DELICIOUS, especially when blended with water, ice and your favorite fruit.

A friend of mine recently told me that she’s tried a LOT of milk-free shakes (she’s vegetarian) and that these are the ONLY ones she can drink & actually FINISH, without feeling as though she has to choke it down, because they’re so delicious!


Does Cherie drink PureTrim ShakesThere are 3 delicious flavors to choose from – vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry sorbet.

My personal favorite flavor is vanilla and with it, I make my ALL TIME favorite peanut butter shake – half a banana, tbsp. of peanut butter, a dash or two of sea salt (to really bring out the flavor) ice and water blended in the vanilla shake.  Mmmm!

In fact, I’ve created quite a few signature shake recipe variations, which  you’ll get when you order from my website.

Most everyone I’ve ever introduced them to LOVES them and re-orders them every single month and everyone has their favorite.  Some order chocolate religiously, some are like me and prefer vanilla, some order strawberry sorbet, and some get a variety.



So if you’ve been searching high and low for tasty, dairy-free meal replacement shakes that do much MORE than just provide protein and weight loss benefits; but are an actual, healthy, wholesome meal

Folks LOVE these shakes! Click to enlarge.

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***Comes with a 30-Day
Money Back Guarantee***



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