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NO soy… NO gluten… NO GMO!dairy free meal replacement shakes

You and I both know that there are TONS of meal replacement shake products on the market today… some good and some not-so-good. But one thing’s for certain is that the vast majority of them contain either whey, soy or both, right?

And the “interesting” part is that, most of those companies want you to believe that if a shake doesn’t contain whey protein, it’s no good and that it’s ineffective at helping you to build muscle and/or lose weight.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

In fact, there are a lot of shakes out there making people sick!

Now, I don’t know YOUR personal reason for wanting a dairy-free meal replacement shake, but the reasons typically vary from:

– Lactose intolerant/allergic
– Vegan/vegetarian
– Feel dairy is unhealthy

So when researching a dairy-free meal replacement, one important question you may want to ask is…

“What KIND of protein is the whey being replaced with?”

Yes, you must be careful when selecting a shake that contains no dairy because again, a LOT of dairy-free meal replacements are actually soy-based. But the reality is that, soy may not be the best option either, ESPECIALLY for women! Click here to find out why.

But there ARE shakes out there that are not only void of soy, dairy and whey; but they also have a lot of other good stuff in it such as: non-GMO vegetable pea & brown rice protein, super greens, essential fatty acids, 500 mg of plant-based calcium, and a whole lot more!

One such shake as the one I just described is the ONLY one my family and I drink and have drank for a long time with stellar results!

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Now you may be wondering…

“Do they TASTE good?”

nastyshake2Because let’s face it… most shakes out there that are whey and/or soy-free taste AWFUL!  But I can assure you that the vanilla shakes are DELICIOUS especially when blended.   The chocolate is okay, not my favorite, but many people love and prefer them!  I’ve never tried the strawberry, so I can’t comment on the flavor but again, many have ordered and RE-ordered strawberry.

My personal favorite is vanilla because it’s SO versatile.  If I want chocolate, I can add cocoa powder.  If I want strawberry, I blend in strawberries.  And I can make my ALL TIME favorite – peanut butter, half a banana, a dash of sea salt (to really bring out the flavor) and water blended in the vanilla shake.  Mmmm!

Just add water or nut milk and some berries, bananas & pineapple, or even some nut butter of your choice (if you’re not allergic) and you’re good to go!  I do this “apple pie” shake and it is  SO good and “comfort food-like”!  In fact, I’ve created quite a few signature shake recipe variations, which  you’ll get from me when you order from my website.

Most everyone I’ve ever introduced them to LOVES them and re-orders them every single month and everyone has their favorite.  Some customers order chocolate religiously, some are like me and prefer vanilla, some order strawberry sorbet, and some get a variety.

My customers LOVE these shakes!

My customers LOVE these shakes!  Click image to enlarge.

So if you’ve been searching high and low for  tasty, dairy-free meal replacement shakes that do much more than just provide protein and weight loss benefits but are an actual, healthy, wholesome meal, again…

Click here & try my TOP PICK dairy-free, soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free meal replacement shake!

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***Comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee***

Bye for now!

Cherie King

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