FINALLY… a meal replacement shake with NO dairy, NO whey protein, NO soy, NO gluten and NO GMO!

dairy-free meal replacement shakesYou and I both know that there are TONS of meal replacement shake products on the market today… some good and some not-so-good. But one thing’s for certain is that the vast majority of them contain either whey, soy or both, right?

And the “interesting” part is that, most of those companies want you to believe that if a shake doesn’t contain whey protein, it’s no good and that it’s ineffective at helping you to build muscle and/or lose weight.

But that couldn’t be further from the truth!

In fact, studies have shown and proven that (pasteurized) dairy products contribute to a wide array of health issues including but not limited to – asthma, allergies, frequent colds and upper respiratory infections, joint issues, and believe it or not, bone loss and the diseases associated with it!

When researching a dairy-free meal replacement, he question you need to ask is…

WHAT is the dairy/whey being replaced with?

Be careful when selecting a shake that contains no dairy because again, a LOT of dairy-free meal replacements are actually soy-based. But the reality is that…

Soy may not be the best option either!  Click here to find out why

But there ARE shakes (in fact, the ONLY meal replacement shakes I’ll drink) that not only are void of soy, dairy and whey,  but they also have a lot of other good stuff in it such as: non-GMO vegetable pea & brown rice protein, super greens, essential fatty acids, 500 mg of plant-based calcium, and a whole lot more!  Click here to see what other benefits these shakes have to offer!

Do they TASTE good?

Well, I’m probably being biased but,  in my opinion these shakes are delicious!  Most everyone I’ve ever introduced them to loves them and re-orders them monthly.

They’re especially good blended with fruit!  Just add water or nut milk and some strawberries, blueberries, bananas & pineapple, or even some peanut butter (if you’re not allergic) and you’re good to go!  I do this “apple pie” shake with apples, cinnamon & nutmeg and a little coconut oil and it is  SO good and “comfort food-like”!

In fact, I’ve created quite a few signature shake recipe variations, which  you’ll get from me when you order!

Click Here to get my personal TOP CHOICE dairy-free, whey-free, soy-free, gluten-free, GMO-free meal replacement shake!

And if you’re looking to SERIOUSLY lose some REAL weight…Click here

Bye for now!

Cherie King
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