how to have a sweet pineapple

Mmm…There’s nothing like sweet, juicy pineapple, ESPECIALLY a fresh one as opposed to the canned version.

But have you ever bought a whole pineapple, brought it home and cut it up only to find that it’s unripe, super tart and not in the least bit sweet?  UGH…what a major disappointment!

Did you already CUT your pineapple only to discover it isn’t sweet?

Not to worry.  Simply click here and read tip #6 to find out what to do in that case!  But after you read that, I highly recommend that you scroll back up here and read the entire article so you’ll know what to do the NEXT time you buy one! 😉


Some years ago, during the time I was a raw foodist, I learned a little ‘trick’ to making sure my pineapples were sweet, juicy and delicious virtually every time I got one into my kitchen.

You may have heard or read that once a pineapple is picked from the tree, it can ripen no further.

Well… I don’t know about that, all I know is following the tips  I’m about to share with you seem to pretty much always set me in pineapple bliss!  It won’t hurt you to try ’em and see what happens, right?

So follow these helpful tips for sweet, juicy pineapple:

no mold pineapple

Try to get one with no mold growing on the bottom

1. Choose one that does not have noticeable soft spots but is instead firm all around

2. Look on the bottom and try to refrain from getting it if there is mold growing on the bottom… it should be nice, ‘pretty’ and mold-free

3. Tug on a leaf and if it pulls out almost effortlessly, that typically means you’ve got a pretty good one there!

4. Try to get one that is rather golden in color as opposed to very green – the more green it is, the less ripened it is and vice-versa.  But even if you get a green one (as I have many times) you can still get some sweetness out of it!

5. Now here’s the MAIN trick to use:  Whether you get a green one or a golden brown one, easy-to-pull-off leaves or not-so-easy… once you get the pineapple home, do NOT cut it open right away!

Instead, sit it on the counter UPSIDE DOWN (that’s right…with the leaves pointing downward) and if need be, prop it up or in between something so that it stays up and won’t slide down.

upside down pineapple

Prop pineapple upside down.

Leave it this way for 1-3 days… depending on how ripe (golden brown or green) it is at the time of purchase.  The less ripe it is, the longer you’ll want to leave it.

If you purchased a green one, you’ll notice that the color will begin to change from that bright green to the golden brown that you want.

Try to wait until the portion where the leaves protrude out has turned brown as well.If your pineapple was already golden brown when you bought it, then allow it to sit upside down for at least 24 hours.

What this does is allow the juices to flow to the part of the pineapple that is usually the least juicy and sweet – the top, where the leaves stick out.

6. If all else fails, or if YOU’VE ALREADY CUT THE PINEAPPLE: Get some agave nectar or other natural sweetener of choice (please try to refrain from using refined white sugar unless that is all you have on hand – but strongly consider switching that out) cut up your pineapple into chunks, place into a bowl and gently mix it up well!

Be sure to keep it refrigerated, if you don’t eat it all up in one day! You’ll also notice that after about a day or two that it forms a sort of “syrup” that’s way better for you than that stuff in a can!

Now, I’ve read that you can sprinkle a little salt (preferably sea salt) on pineapple to make it taste sweeter, though I have not personally tried it yet.  I do sometimes put sea salt on my cantaloupe and watermelon, but never thought to put it on pineapple – once I try it, I’ll report back!

If you don’t want to do any of that, here are a few other suggestions for it as opposed to tossing it:

–  Cut it up, put into a freezer bag and use for smoothies later.  If you drink orange juice, blend some with OJ for orange-pineapple juice.
–  Blend with sweetener of your choice and make pineapple pops, using popsicle molds or ice cube trays!
–  If you own a dehydrator, slice it up, mix with a little sweetener of choice, and dry it out for pineapple “candy”

And here is a bonus tip:

When cutting your pineapple up and removing the flesh from the core, DO NOT toss out the core!  Instead, slice it up, put into a freezer bag, stick in the freezer and then when making fruit smoothies, fresh juice or meal replacement shakes, blend a slice or two of the core into the smoothie or shake for a delicious, pineapply treat!

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