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How to Eat Healthier When You’re Picky

How To Eat Healthier When Youre Picky

Being a picky eater can be a challenge when you’re trying to eat healthy.

At one time, I was a raw fooder (I ate primarily uncooked plant-based foods) and while I DID grow to like things I didn’t like before, I still had a very limited diet due to being a picky eater.

Some of the things I hate eating are mushrooms, cilantro, Thai coconut, zucchini (unless it’s zucchini bread) and most squashes.


This made for a very difficult raw food lifestyle because those are some of the foods that a lot of folks in the raw community ate with great pleasure.

Now, I’m no longer a raw fooder.

I eat cooked food, I eat meat (although I’m trying to cut back), I consume dairy products (though I’m considering weaning off of [most] of them once again) but I still want to eat healthy – this time from more of a clean eating approach.

I’m close, but still have some improvements to make.

And I’m guessing that YOU’RE in a similar boat, am I right? Read the rest of this entry

Are Meal Replacement Shakes Good For You?

are meal replacement shakes good for you

To answer your question…

Are Meal Replacement Shakes Good For You?

It really all depends.

On what?

On a number of things such as: Read the rest of this entry

How to Eat Vegetables When You Hate Them


how to eat vegetables when you hate them

Vegetables… YUCK!

Most times, it’s kids who share that sentiment; but there even some ADULTS who do too! And I’m assuming since you’re here, that is the case with YOU, right?

I know how you feel because I, too, hated (most) vegetables even into my adult years.

But now there are vegetables that, at one time, I wouldn’t even look at, that I have grown to love.  There are still some that I won’t eat because I just don’t like them no matter what (the various squashes are a good example); but I sure eat more vegetables than I used to.

And with this article, I want to try and help you do the same.

How To Eat Vegetables When You Hate Them…

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How to Eat A Healthy Diet When Your Family Doesn’t

how to eat a healthy diet when your family doesn't

One of the major challenges that many people face when trying to change their eating habits, is getting the family on board.

And it’s not always about trying to get them on board; especially if you and your family have been accustomed to eating less-than-optimally and NOW, all of a sudden, you want to change that.

b-please memeYeah okay… your family’s gonna be lookin’ at you like… Read the rest of this entry

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